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What Is Fossil Foundry?

Fossil Foundry is an independent producer of hand made primarily steel sculptures focused on the fossilized forms of prehistoric animals. Using the latest anatomical diagrams and descriptions of extinct fauna, Fossil Foundry aims to recreate the magnificent creatures of the past for public and private display.

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Our Goals

Inspiring interest for the past

With our sculptures we aim to inspire interest and wonder in the animals of the prehistoric past and to bring a bit of that lost world into our own. Through accurate design and representation, we also hope to rectify many of the misconceptions about prehistoric animals with what we now know about how these creatures actually appeared in life. We aim to provide unique, yet accurate sculptures with a focus on paleontology so that both businesses and private collectors can own, display and enjoy these representations of an ancient past. 


Have questions or are interested in having a piece commissioned? Contact us.

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