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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Tristan Crum I'm the head artist  and owner of the Fossil Foundry. I've been passionate and excited about extinct life all my life which has now inspired me to pursue that interest through my art work which aims to present these animals in realistic yet exciting displays.

I learned my skills in metal working and art both through formal teaching at George Mason, where I earned my degree in sculpture. And through my work as a contract welder working throughout the D.C area on everything from historic building stair railings, to steel piping deep under the U.S treasury building.

Through my life I've studied paleontology on my own through books, documentary's, scientific papers and more. And during my time in college I took all the classes I could pertaining to the topic which has aided me greatly in expanding my knowledge and understanding about the prehistoric worlds of the past.

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Check out my Artist website by clicking the Helmet!

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