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This large-scale sculpture is of a life-sized steel Deinonychus skeleton stepping up onto a log in a dramatic pose with steel feathers placed to allude to the animals avian traits. The dinosaur Deinonychus was a medium sized raptor from Cretaceous north America that has an imposing presence and elegant form that inspired the dinosaur renaissance of the mid twentieth century that changed people's conception of dinosaurs from slow, dumb, giant lizards, to swift and agile active animals. This steel sculpture was made from sheet steel that was hand cut with a plasma cutter then shaped, polished and welded together based on up to date paleontological diagrams of the animal as it is currently known. Measuring about 8.5ft long this sculpture is coated with a protective clear coat to prevent rust but can be left to the elements to gain that fossil like rust coloration. Makes for and excellent gift or addition to any dinosaur enthusiasts collection. 


Product breaks down into four pieces and come with instructions for assembly.


Dose not include free shipping, for shipping estimate please email

Life sized Deinonychus steel skeleton

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